Mobility and learning environments - engaging people in design of their everyday environments

Bodil Jönsson, Arne Svensk, Lund University, Certec
David Cuartielles, Lone Malmborg, Pierre Schlaucher, Malmö University, Creative Environments

Visualization of learning in motion.Introduction

This report documents activities during the first project period (1st August 2002 – 15th December 2002) of the Mobility and Learning Environments project.

Focus during this part of the project has been on establishing pilot-studies at the K3 user-site and at the Tryckolera user-site in order to apply and get experiences with methods for engaging users, apply and get experiences with current technology, and set up future study design.

The report is structured into five parts. Part one is an introduction to and critical discussion of cultural probes. We will relate this to the participatory design tradition and other methods for user engaging design. The question of to which extent and in which contexts and situations it’s possible and appropriate to engage users is also raised and discussed here.

Part two reports from the two pilot studies that have been performed at K3 site – High Tech Hunters and K3 Nomads. The K3 site is described and the way cultural probes are appropriated in these two studies is discussed.

Part three will report from the study of the application of cultural probes that have been applied at the Tryckolera site. This part also contains a description of the Tryckolera workplace and pedagogical considerations behind this.

Part four discusses the experiences with current technologies for mobile learning with a special focus on digital pens, phones, PDA’s and possible communication platforms.

Part five presents the conclusions we can draw from the first project period, and further on focuses on how research activities for the next period are planned to take place given the experiences and analysis achieved during the first project period. This part also contains a revised project plan.

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