The I in Design


Henrik Enquist



In this thesis I describe the relations between objects, practices, and individuals. The main objective is to explore the role of artefacts in user-centred participatory design research, specifically for expressing and communicating personal experiences and creating meaning. In a broad sense I draw on experiences from three practices in order to define the scope of the thesis. The first is practice-led research, the second is design research specifically in the user-centred and participatory design traditions, and the third is concerned with the ways lay persons in general express themselves by and through objects and technology. The focus will be on the exchange of knowledge and experiences between two individuals: the researcher and the informant. One issue of interest is how communication can be made possible. Another is the use of artefacts for personal expression. A third is the constant balancing act when using the experiences and knowledge of a single or a few informants in design research.


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