The MoviText method: Efficient pre-optical reading training in persons with central visual field loss

Jörgen Gustafsson and Krister Inde

Division of Rehabilitation Engineering Research, Department of Design Sciences, Lund University, Box 118,
S-221 00 Lund, Sweden

Technology and Disability 6 (2004) 211–221

Different fixation alternatives marked on a computor screen.Abstract.

The MoviText method has been developed and tested on individuals with absolute central scotomas as a pre-optical reading training method. The ZoomText computer screen magnification software with its DocReader feature has been used in reading training to show the effect of moving the text during reading. The user reads with his or her selected eccentric angle viewing in order to acquire the new eccentric reading behavior more easily, before optical devices are introduced. Nine subjects in this study used microscopic lenses from 6X to 13X magnification as reading devices. The subjects, all with very large central visual field losses, achieved a significant improvement in reading rate when using the microscopic lenses after training with the new MoviText method.

Keywords: Central visual field loss (CFL), preferred retinal locus (PRL), eccentric viewing, microscopic lenses, pre-optical reading training

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