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Raid movie clips

These short clips illustrate the motions of the Raid robot.


All clips in one session.

Book handling and page turning

Clip 1: Move a book from a bookshelf to the readerboard.

Clip 2: Measure thickness, height and width of the book.

Clip 3: Open the book.

Clip 4: Turn one page forward and flatten the page.

Clip 5: Turn many pages forward and flatten the pages.

Clip 6: Close the book.

Handling and turning A4 paper sheets.

Clip 7: Move A4 papers from a printer to the readerboard.

Clip 8: Turn one A4 sheet forward.

Clip 9: Move A4 papers from the readerboard.

Disk insertion

Clip 10: Move a disk from a storage compartment to the computer.

Last modified: 05-02-04