Kärlek and Industrial Design


Anna Persson


By questioning the foundational driving force of ID (that being traditional market thinking – supply versus demand) and replacing it with Kärlek, one accesses a whole new world of possibilities, exceedingly full of potential…

K&ID is about all the intangible stuff in life that gets rationalized away because it can’t be directly translated into numbers, but when left without makes our lives seem empty and leave us feeling unhappy. If that’s how you feel no product, no matter how well designed it may be, can make you feel any better…

The easy way for me to deal with this stuff would have been to join a yoga class. But instead I gave myself these 20 weeks to try to come to terms with what this stuff is for me. Because, as I am  about to start earning my living by working as an industrial designer – which sometimes means being a creator of products which sole purpose is to fool people into thinking that they’ll be happier once they own one, it feels valuable to me to have my priorities straight. I guess I could say that the point of this project was to give myself a sense of how far I’m willing to prostitute myself and my values for economical gain. Or put in another way – to what extent am I willing to let numbers rule my life? – in the end the choice is mine.


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